Jackie's Java Roasted Coffee

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Jackie uses top quality, and a slow roasting process to create her smooth tasting coffees. Jackie uses a technique; "Post-Roast Blending" to extract more flavor out of her coffee. This means that specialty coffees from Jackie's Java are blended after the roasting process, and not before. Post-Roast Blending is important because coffee beans from different regions of the world have different moisture contents and densities. To extract the optimal flavor, each type of coffee must be roasted separately before being blended, to create a unique and full-flavored coffee.

Most coffee roasters roast upwards of 100 lbs per batch, which means they're forced to mix the beans and then roast them all together. Jackie's commitment to small, slow roasted batches and Post-Roast Blending makes Jackie's Java distinctively different.

All Jackie's Java Coffees are available in ground or whole bean. Most coffees are also available in decaf at no exra charge, including all the flavored coffees

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