Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System Commercial Lift

Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System Commercial Lift


Brief Instructions:
1. Insert the Lift into your Commercial Model (feet down) so that the spigot is not obstructed.
2. Using the lift as a shelf, insert the filter bag, coffee and water to brew.
3. When you are finished brewing, decant the concentrate through the spigot into airtight containers.
4. Close the spigot and let the grounds rest for for 15-30 minutes. Coffee concentrate will flow from the elevated grounds into the bottom of the brewing container.
5. Decant the rest of the concentrate.

  • Lift for Commercial Toddy Cold Brew System
  • The Commercial Model Lift makes it even easier to brew a batch in your Toddy system (no squeezing!) and increases the volume of cold brew you get out of every batch
  • You cannot use a coupon on Commercial Toddy products at this time. You CAN use Customer Reward Points once they are earned

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  • Manufactured by: Toddy