The better way to brew coffee

You've been drinking your coffee wrong all these years!

Well, wrong might just be a little bit strong, but I'm sure you have noticed that "bitter" taste that often accompanies that much anticipated first cup of coffee in the morning.The good news is that the bitter taste can be substantially reduced by drinking your coffee the RIGHT way.




What? How can combining delicious, aromatic coffee beans with cold water produce a rich liquid coffee concentrate? This process is incredibly simple; time replaces heat. Cold water brewing extracts the delicious flavor compounds and some of that necessary caffeine, but leaves most of the bitter acids and fatty oils behind.




Now that's how to enjoy a cup of coffee.Taste the Toddy difference.Treat yourself to a perfectly balanced, distinctively smooth cup of coffee cold brewed the Toddy way.


You will be drinking coffee the right way, the Toddy cold brew process way.



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