Pixie Mate The Original Mate Latte Concentrate, Half Gallon

Pixie Mate The Original Mate Latte Concentrate, Half Gallon


  • Half Gallon (64 oz)
  • When blended with equal amounts of milk or soy, each 64 ounce package makes 128 ounces of maté
  • A golden touch of cardamom, vanilla and clove
  • Photo shows 32 oz carton
There's a big difference between Pixie Mate and most of the other Mate's out there: Flavor. Lots of other Mate's are smoke-dried, which is fine if you're a baby-back rib, but tends make their tea taste a bit... smokey. Plus, they leave in the stems and bark and junk like that, giving it that woody, grassy, hayish taste. This is important, SO PAY ATTENTION: Pixie Mate is dried with clean, hot air. Not smokey, ash-like tasting air. And we carefully screen the leaves so there are no stems and no hay-like piquant after-taste. All you get is pure, organic mate that tastes clean and crisp and pure - not unlike a nice green tea. And as long as we're on the subject of common-sense, we might as well tell you that Pixie Mate is committed to sustainable agriculture, protecting the local watershed and supporting our growers and the local communities that harvest and produce our mate.

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  • Manufactured by: Pixie Mate