Discount Program

We are no longer offering wholesale pricing to large orders. Instead, we have opted to lower our prices overall on our website in order to provide more of our customers the best pricing possible.

If you are planning on placing a large order (over $500), please email us at We may be able to offer some shipping options to better suit your needs (other than UPS). To better help serve you, a list of what you would like to purchase and your shipping address would be helpful for us to have before we speak with you.

We DO NOT ship outside of the USA at this time. Payments must be made with a USA based credit card. For large custom orders, we may require that all communication take place over email. This way we have a written record of what is expected. This not only help us, but also help you as the customer.

If your business has multiple locations and you would like to set up one shared account, please email us at We can set up a purchase order for your company and bill you after every online order is made. We will issue you a purchase order number to utilize at checkout.