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"A fresh take on a great cup"

Introducing Artisan Collection by Farmer Brothers

Handcrafted * Fresh * Sustainable


Farmer Brothers buiilt a state-of-the-art LEED Silver certified batch roastery in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. They brought together the handcrafted roasting technique of an old-world gas-fired drum and paired it with today's leading-edge packaging and inventory technology to deliver the freshest cup of coffee imaginable.  And, they did it all with the earth and the producer in mind. The Artisan Collection by Farmer Brothers is their expression of Coffee at the Peak for you to enjoy.

Fresh Rules!

For coffee, fresh is king. The be-all, end-all. The big kahuna. That's why every bag in the Artisan Collection has a valve on it. Farmer Brothers believes if they are going to ravel across the globe, hand pick the perfect red coffee cherries and then meticulously hand roast every last bean, they better do what it takes to keep those sublime beans fresh.

Regular bags let in oxygen that turns flavorful beans into a stale shadow of their former selves. Every bag of Artisan Collection coffees comes with one-way structural valves to keep your specialty beverage special by preserving the oxygen-free environment a freshly-roasted coffee requires.

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